CUBA-type (AKA) mult mkr
• AKA:
Multiple Makers, Introduced: c. early 1900's
• NOTE:2024: there are at least 3 stem patterns with narrow flutes and diamond stem knops that can be attributed to different makers: NEGC, McKee and Bros, O'Hara, possibly Bellaire, and maybe others.
NOTE:Sid Lethbridge 2024: the McKee and Cambridge versions may or may not be the same. But we need to take into consideration that the Cambridge No. 672 Cuba stemware line appears as late as the 1906 Cambridge catalogue and the Cuba stemware line appears in McKee catalogues as late as the 1920s. That means both companies were making/selling their respective Cuba stemware lines after they escaped from the National Glass Co. in 1904. Perhaps it is a case of using the same artwork rather than a mould transfer.

• Motifs: (Panels), (Flutes), (Pending)