CENTRAL GLASS CO. NO. 821 Night Lamp (OMN)
• AKA: Central Hobnail (Thuro); Dew Drop (Central Glass Company, Hallock p180)
Central Glass Company (Wheeling-WV, Company Operated: 1867-1891), Introduced: c1887 New Pattern
• NOTE: 2023: Hallock's Central Glass Company, p180 shows catalog images and also a exerpt from American Pottery and Glassware Reporter dated June 23, 1887, which describes five new lamps (A through E which include a cane pattern on the base, and a night lamp with a cup foot). Central called this pattern Dew Drop (Hallock combined the words) and Thuro calls the pattern Central Hobnail. all lamps made in crystal and colors. The night lamp has a six-scallop shade.
• Motifs: (Cane), (Hobnail)