• AKA:
Boston and Sandwich Glass Company (Sandwich-MA, Operated: 1825-1887), Introduced: c.1835-1850
• NOTE: Brady Fitts 2022: Plates A-D have the Diamond and Scroll center with stippling in the center. They are all flint. (A) has concentric rings between the center and rim. (B) has the same center surrounded by a band of leaves and dots (rosettes), the stippling does not extend beyond the leaves and dots. Between the band and the rim is a ring of small triangles. (C) Has the same center with stippling and a small band of leaves with rosettes; the leaves point to the right with stippling all the way to the base of the rim scallops. (D) Has the same center and stippling goes to the ring just below the rim scallops. There is a band of leaves and rosettes that point to the left. The scallops on A, B, and C are basically the same, but the Scallops on (D) are slightly larger.
• Motifs: (Flowers), (Stippling), (Scrolls/Filigree )