CENTRAL GLASS CO. NO. 146 NEW YORK stemware(OMN) cent
• AKA: Central Glass Co. No. 146 ibid; New York (ref Hallock p57)
Central Glass Company (Wheeling-WV, Company Operated: 1867-1891), Introduced: c.1870
• NOTE: 2022: Ref Central Glass Company by Marilyn Hallock p57. Pattern 146 is a honeycomb, plain upper third of the bowl. "...came in 9.5oz large goblet; 9oz small goblet; 5.5oz champagne; 5oz egg; 3.5oz claret; 2.5oz wine; 1oz cordial". Similar pattern made by many companies.
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2022: There are at least ales, a pitcher and a decanter in New York aka Honeycomb under different numbers. The stemware only was Pattern No. 146.
• Motifs: (Honeycomb)