• AKA: Ball; Notched Bar; Nova Scotia Crown
Belmont Glass Works (Bellaire-OH, Company Operated: 1866-1890), Introduced: pre-1890 Introduced
• NOTE: Ref: The Belmont Glass Works, 1866-1890 by Sid Lethbridge and Peter Thomas.
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - the cruet mould was obtained by McKee & Bros. after Belmont shut down in 1890 and appeared in their catalogues for years.
NOTE: After Belmont went out of business, some moulds were acquired by the Diamond Glass Co. (Montreal) who, based on shard evidence, used them at their New Glasgow factory (formerly Nova Scotia Glass) and at their Delormier Ave. factory in Montreal. Canadian collectors call this pattern Crown or Nova Scotia Crown. Some moulds also went to McKee & Bros. and perhaps other US based glass makers. It is not clear what items were made in Canada.
• Motifs: (Squares/Rectangles), (Window), (Notches/Slits)