• AKA:
Crystal Glass Company (Bridgeport-OH, Company Operated: 1888-1907), Introduced: c1904 Introduced
• NOTES: 2022 -Unitts Vol 1, page 297. This is not the same pattern as Westmoreland No. 77 aka Crossed Ovals shown in Metz 2, p144
NOTE: Sid Eapg (Lethbridge) 2024: The Custard Cup assortment [from c.1904 Independent p=Potteries and Manufacturer's Assn catalog] includes several patterns that can be assigned to Crystal which means that this assortment is also made up of Crystal products. ...The cups have numbers which may (or may not) be the OMN for these patterns. These include (aka) Crossed Ovals designated as No. 67 and (aka) Block and Spearpoint labeled as No. 49.
• Motifs: (Diamonds), (Ovals), (Xs/X in box)