• AKA: Speculated as Adams No. 300
Adams & Company (Pittsburgh-PA, Operated: 1861-1891), Introduced: 1882
• Sid Lethbridge: Spillman notes...Adams No. 300 was mentioned in a January 1883 trade quote. Spillman called the assignment tentative but time has proved her out. Clear Ribbon cake stands are known with a flower in the hollow stem of the standard as is mentioned in the trade quote. The flower is supported with a thin cork disc with two patent dates-Nov 15, 1881 (held by DC Ripley of Ripley & Co.) and July 25, 1882 (held by SG Vogely and Augustus A Adams of Adams & Co.). Thanks to...Catherine Thuro in Oil Lamps 3, we now know ...lamps..cake stands...stands with these flowers & discs are Adams's products. So Clear Ribbon can be attributed to Adams & Co.....No. 300 remain speculative
• Motifs: (Ribs/Columns), (Panels)