People/Body Parts;
OPERA (OMN) adam
• AKA: Actress; Jenny Lind; Pinafore
Adams & Company (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1861-1891), Introduced: 1880s Introduced
• NOTE: Emily Kelley 2021: "...I have noted slight size variances in height and/or diameter for every piece except the bread plates, pickle dishes, square-cornered relish dishes, and the little Pinafore plate. So basically anything with a bowl, lid, or dome. The size differences (at least in my collection) are not huge, but are noticeable when similar pieces are set down side-by-side. A couple of the glass books suggest that the pattern was produced in “home” and “hotel” (or commercial) sizes, but I’ve never seen any evidence for that idea, and the size differences are pretty subtle, so I don’t see how that is the case. It would be wonderful to find catalog or advertising references for the Actress pattern, but I’ve never turned any up.
• Motifs: (People/Body Parts)