• AKA: Block and Jewel
Illinois Glass Company, Introduced: c1897 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge -Mordock & Adams Pattern Glass Mugs book. Note that the descriptions for No. 538 and No. 542 on page 101 are reversed. The mug is aka Block and Jewel and is shown in the above referenced book as No. 542 albeit with a slightly different handle.
NOTE: Catalog date is 1897. Mug came in 3oz and 5oz size. Sid Lethbridge 2020: Illinois Glass Co. was a very large bottle/container maker including some mugs as packing ware. They started out with one factory in Alton, IL and had five factories by the time they merged to form Owens-Illinois which is still in existence.

• Motifs: (Squares/Rectangles), (Xs/X in box), (Capsules)