• AKA: Flute; Peacock Blank; Unpatterned; Wide Panel
Crystal Glass Company (Bridgeport-OH, Company Operated: 1888-1907), Introduced: c1907 introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2024 - Originated at Crystal Glass Ohio. See Research Update.
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2022: ...the Millersburg Glass Co. as No. 400 aka Flute pattern. After their successor Radium Glass went out of business the factory, stock and equipment were acquired by the Jefferson Glass Co. of Follansbee, WV in late 1913. A number of moulds in this pattern were sent to the Jefferson Glass Co., Limited factory in Toronto and became part of the No. 1600 line, a joint venture between Jefferson (Follansbee) and Dominion Glass (Montreal). By 1916, Dominion Glass had complete ownership of the Toronto Jefferson company.
NOTE: Pattern No. 400 was previously thought to have originated with Millersburg Glass Co. Recent research shows it originated at Crystal Glass Company, Ohio.
• Motifs: (Panels), (Colonial), (Flutes)