BAND (OMN) r&h
• AKA: Cartridge Belt
Richards & Hartley Glass Company (Pittsburgh/Tarentum-PA, Co. Operated: 1865-91), Introduced: c1865-70 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: Nice bright flint 5-3/4" diameter nappy on foot in Richard & Hartley's Band (OMN) pattern. The goblet is shown in Millard 2 plate 133, Unitts Goblets 1 p249 where they called it Cartridge Belt. Not to be confused with Bakewell, Pears' Prism (OMN). This piece would have been from the time period of 1865-1870.
• Motifs: (Ribs/Columns), (Bands/Rings), (Squares/Rectangles)