Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ;
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Crystal Glass Company (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1869-1890), Introduced: c1880 Introduced
• "Among new things offered for the holiday trade are some very handsome goods now being made by the Crystal Glass Company, Southside. These consist of an oval bread plate, with the beehive surrounded by flowers, with bees and butterflies and the words "Be Industrious", etched on the bottom; a round bread plate with a little girl carrying a basket of flowers, also etched; four patterns of ABC plates for children, etched bottoms, one bearing the figure of a lion, an other of a stork, a third of a rabbit running, and the fourth with a rabbit at rest. The bread plates and children's plates above described are the prettiest things of that kind we have yet seen, and ought to sell well."-- 1879 trade quote
• Motifs: (Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ), (Letters/Numbers), (Insect)