• AKA: Diamond Fan (MAGWV).; Flattened Diamond (Lechler); Flattened Diamond and Sunburst (Heacock)
Westmoreland Specialty Company (Grapeville-PA, Co. Operated: 1889-1924), Introduced: 1910
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: "Thumbelina is an AKA for a series of Westmoreland toy glass pieces with the same design motif. The toy table set with handled sugar and spooner was designated as No. 299, the toy table set without handles on the sugar and spooner was No. 301 and the punch set was No. 303."
NOTE: Thumbelina (aka) was originally produced in clear glass only. A 3-piece set in milk glass was issued in the 1950s.
• Motifs: (Diamonds), (Fans)