CASED CYLINDER (AKA) shaker, mustard by Unknown Maker, Unknown
• AKA: Bird Arbor/ source Lechner 2; Game Bird/ source Lechner 2; Swallow Song/source Lechner 2
NOTE: Lechner Book 3, 113: Cased Vaseline SWALLOW SONG Shaker in blue, listed under Mt. Washington/Pairpoint
NOTE: Peterson, page 147, Swallow Song, says Pairpoint Mfg Co.
NOTE: Shakers do not appear in any of the Mt Washington or Pairpoint (silver plate catalogues).
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Shape: Shakers (salt, pepper, sugar)
Contributor: Mitchell Stewart

Shape: Mustard/Horseradish
Contributor: Julian Rogers

Shape: Shakers (salt, pepper, sugar)
Contributor: Carole Linxwiler Bruce