BUCKET (AKA) wsc by Westmoreland Specialty Company (Grapeville-PA, Operated: 1889-1924), Unknown Date
• AKA: Wooden Pail (wsc)
NOTE: This bucket has been seen with WSC mustard label on the bottom and multiple color paint. Similar but not the same as the Bryce Brothers pattern with the same name. Does not have the wide brim so the lid would seal. The bands around the Westmoreland Bucket cross over from right to left, and are squared on the ends. The bands around the Bryce Bros Bucket cross over from left to right and are pointed on the ends.
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Shape: Pattern Comparison
Contributor: Carol Mercurio Williams - Bryce Bros on the left (pointed end), Westmoreland Specialty on the right (square end)

Shape: Novelty Figural
Contributor: Walt Williams - 3.5H, 3.25D

Shape: Novelty Figural
Contributor: Dane Woody Moore - packers ware