CENTRAL GLASS CO. No. 0794 (OMN) by Central Glass Company (Wheeling-WV, Company Operated: 1867-1891), c1885 Introduced
• AKA: Plain Rope
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Shape: Sugars
Contributor: Karen Welch - 5H x 4D

Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Brad Gougeon, Heidi Crupe

Shape: Footed Bowls/Low Comports
Contributor: Bill Banks - 8D, 8.5H

Shape: Syrups/Molasses Cans
Contributor: Andy Eckroth missing its lid, note piercing of handle for the syrup lid. 6.5H

Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Joyce M. Votipka - 8D, 7.5H

Shape: Catalogue/Ads
Contributor: courtesy Tom Bredehoft WVMAG

Shape: Spooners/Spills
Contributor: Kirstin Bindley Forman

Shape: Creamers
Contributor: Andy Eckroth

Shape: Shakers (salt, pepper, sugar)
Contributor: LaVere Webster

Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Lisa Chandler

Shape: Butter, Cheese, & Honey Dishes
Contributor: Heidi Crupe - 5.75D, 5.5H

Shape: Bowls & Berry Sets
Contributor: Heidi Eckroth-NOTE: This one has engraving Eng. 215