CENTRAL GLASS CO. No. 0438 (OMN) by Central Glass Company (Wheeling-WV, Company Operated: 1867-1891), 1870s Introduced
• AKA: Prism and Diamond Band
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: Central No. 438 was introduced c1877 based on its appearance in the 1877/8 Lovell catalog.
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Shape: Finials
Contributor: Heidi Eckroth

Shape: Celery Vases
Contributor: Sandy Wilkin

Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Heidi Eckroth, Robin Fisher Cisne, Myrna Rose Stewart, Andy Eckroth

Shape: Bowls & Berry Sets
Contributor: Carma Whiting - 4D, 2H

Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Nancy Dawson, Andy Eckroth

Shape: Creamers
Contributor: Bertha Walz

Shape: Stemware
Contributor: Heidi Crupe 4T wine

Shape: Catalogue/Ads
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge

Shape: Sugars
Contributor: Christine Gray

Shape: Spooners/Spills
Contributor: Myrna Rose Stewart