CO-OPERATIVE FLINT GLASS CO., LTD. No. 0369 COLONIAL (OMN) by Co-operative Flint Glass Co. LTD. (Beaver Falls-PA, Company Operated 1879-1930s), 1911 Introduced
NOTE: ID provided by Peter Thomas.
NOTE: Reference: Page 139, Co-Operative Flint Glass Co. by E. Earl and JoAnne Autenreith, introduced as new pattern for 1911 and known in opalescent colors
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Shape: Pitcher
Contributor: Steve Ellwein

Shape: Catalogue/Ads
Contributor: Gene Serbus

Shape: Catalogue/Ads
Contributor: courtesy of Tom Bredehoft, MAGWV

Shape: Vases, Rose Bowls, Ferners
Contributor: Anna Gross, Kim Merritt Fried, Kathleen Harmon Foutz

Shape: Bowls & Berry Sets
Contributor: Bob Canning 4D x 2H

Shape: Creamers
Contributor: Mike Maloney

Shape: Sugars
Contributor: Mike Maloney

Shape: Table Sets
Contributor: Greg Schallhorn

Shape: Tumblers
Contributor: Ed Perva